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The Birth Certificate of Eppelsheim

"In the name of God I, Rutswind, leave my inheritance to St. Nazarius whose corpse rests in the monastery of Lorch which is overseen by the honourable Helmerich as abbot. Today I donate - for eternal times - my estate in Eppelsheim, namely three "joch" (unit of square measure) of farmland. Certification of this is the signature below. Taken place in the monastery of Lorch on 28th November in the 15th year of the rule (782) of our sovereign, glorious King Charles. Signature of the donator, Rutswind. Rudolf as the scriptor (writer)."

This is, so to speak, the official "birth certificate" of the village of Eppelsheim as it is contained in the "Codex Laureshamensis" in Latin language. Thus the citizens of Eppelsheim could celebrate their 1200th birthday in 1982.