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Dalberg Tower

Around 1500 the Dalberg Tower was erected by the Dalberg family of Worms, who, however, never lived in Eppelsheim. It was built as a defence and residential tower and today it is private property of the Odermann family.
In old documents the Dalberg Tower is known as "Waterhouse", as there was a moat around it, whose waters were fed by the nearby village moat. The building is completely made of natural limestone and covers an area of about 10 x 10 meters. Besides the groundfloor there are five more floors; the walls of the groundfloor are about 1.5 m thick.

In former times the entrance was on the first floor and could only be reached by a ladder or movable stairs. The tower was surrounded by an additional wall with a walkway for defence, which was integrated into the village fortifications. Originally the roof was steeper, the lower tent roof dates from later times. Windows and embrasures have red sandstone frames. Traces of heating systems could not be found, however, it is assumed that at least in times of war it was used as a residential tower. Later it was a storehouse and grain silo.

The Dalberg Tower and the appearance of the village with the moat have been under the protection of the Convention of The Hague since 30th September 1988.