Open Air Theatre

Open Air Theatre
Open Air Theatre

In 1953 the open-air theatre was built by the members of the Verschönerungsverein (club whose aim it is to preserve the natural surroundings and to maintain traditions). The official opening took place on 3rd July of the same year. Under director Phillip Hummel theatre plays were successfully performed every year up to 1960. The audience came to Eppelsheim from all over Rhine-Hesse by coach.

The following plays were performed:

  • 1953 Black Tatjana (folk play) 
  • 1954 Katharina Knie (Carl Zuckmayer) 
  • 1955 When the Cock Crows (August Hinrichs) 
  • 1956 Marriage with Erica (folk play with singing) 
  • 1957 The Black Hannibal (Karl Bunje) 
  • 1958 New Lord on Linden Manor (R. Bars) 
  • 1959 Im weißen Rößl / In the Little White Horse (Oskar Blumenthal) 
  • 1960 Crab Apple (H. A. Weber)

In 2000 the Verschönerungsverein celebrated its 120th birthday. On that day the amateur drama club performed the comedy "The Unbelievable Story of the Stolen Stinking Cheese".